Post 2 Rituals

Last Night
I am very proud of my wife, from going forward she is my Domme. After reading Post 1 she was very sweet and loving. She asked for a massage and I obeyed. Normally I would never give a massage at night. She talked dirty to me (which I like) and was dominating in her topics.   I love her ♥


I have a little learning to do yet. The first time she asked me to empty my balls I did not want to end it as I was having too much fun. Eventually she told me to empty them again and I complied. I have to learn to listen to her and obey. She owns my balls.  Next time she tells me to empty my balls I will obey. She’s Domme, she decides when I cum, not me !



Daily Greetings (Respect Ritual)

The following morning Domme was in a hurry to get to work and I pestered her about the Respect Ritual. She wasn’t completely clean and was uncomfortable. So I think we should just keep it very simple.

  • I’ll kiss her pussy only.  Over whatever she is wearing.
  • It will only be part of the morning/return home greeting.
  • We’ll kiss  .  .  and then she’ll follow up with two words, “Show Respect”.
  • Thereafter, she’ll smile while she watches me kiss her pussy in submission.


Why have the Ritual

It acknowledges daily that she is my Domme. There is clearly a dominate element because she is giving me a soft order to show respect (which I like), and a submissive sexual element because I am showing submission to her pussy. For me, doing this ritual creates a sensual and lasting connection with her. And over time I think she’ll enjoy the feeling of being Domme and watching me submit to her pussy. I hope she continues it. In the end it is up to her.


Note:  I couldn’t help but notice that in the second photo Domme decided to cage her bitch so he could only focus on her clit, her pleasure, and her orgasm.  Hmmm  . . maybe  s/Hubby wasn’t’ listening to her commands and needed a little obedience training?

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