Post 4 Limits

In the Bedroom

I came to bed naked and waited by Domme’s side.  I was there for her pleasure and she would decides when to take me. She was very sweet, put her leg on top of me, rubbed my skin gently, and then asked me for a massage and I obliged. She then asked to see my cock and started to suck it. She gave my balls a good squeeze while giving me head just to let me know she was Domme. After going down on her she had us 69. I forgot my vow to wait unless commanded to rub my nose on her asshole. Nonetheless, it must have made her feel dominate because see immediately took control and slapped her bitch’s ass while digging her nails into both cheeks.  When she came her asshole was still pushed against my nose while her clit pulsated in my mouth  . . . very dominate !     It was not practical to wash because of the room we were in. So her bitch would have to wear her scent until she was done with lovemaking; which may have amused her.  I must admit her scent kept me thinking only of her (and not me) even while cumming.  It has a powerful effect.

Before finishing I went down and cleaned up; licking the cum from her hole while she relaxed.  Finally, we finished with her face down, ass up.  When Domme was ready to enjoy my orgasm she ordered me to empty my balls on her command; having me cum on the count of seven – I obeyed.    Hmm . .  Domme owns her bitch’s balls and his orgasm!  He cums when it amuses her; her bitch has no say.


We had dinner at a restaurant and saw another couple with their mother-in-law. There also was another younger couple there and the girl was wearing a necklace with a key. I wonder if she was a Domme? Her and her husband looked happy, and she was the dominate one.  I bet she makes him do unspeakable things 🙂    Nonetheless, this got me to thinking I would never want others to know of our private D/s marriage. It wouldn’t hurt to put up a page on limits, which I added today.

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