Post 6 Lazy Domme

Forced Self Pleasure

I never would have thought it, but the majority of wives surveyed said they enjoyed the thought of watching their husbands masturbate for them.  Of course, it is also a part of D/s play.  The difference is that the wife is fully clothed and s/Hubby is naked on his knees before her.  This makes for quite a power exchange.


Lazy Domme

Hmm . . . I fear that my Domme is sexually lazy.  I don’t want to cum alone.  I could see her using this during the week to not have sex.  She’ll tell me to get on my knees and pleasure myself for her – just so I won’t be a bother.  Here’s the rub, she can make me do it for any reason she wants.   Her bitch has no say.  In D/s play he is there for her pleasure and must obey.  Domme makes the rules.



Forcing Self Pleasuring is classic D/s play.  The reason being is most people have never masturbated in front of their partner.  It’s humiliating.  If you add in she’s dressed and s/Hubby is naked on his knees before her, then it is even more humiliating.  It makes her husband very vulnerable to her.  There is a huge power exchange going on.  Also, because he must do it any time of the day on her command it will greatly reinforce the fact that he is her bitch.  So this could be quite fun for Domme.  It can be used as a form of discipline (See Post 5) to train him.  In the video the red haired slave is made to put hear hands on her head afterwards to expose her swollen genitals to her Dom for his viewing pleasure, an added humiliation – nice touch.

In the last picture you can see the interest in the blonde’s face as she watches while the slaves are ordered to masturbate for their pleasure.  Hmm, maybe the surveys are right about what wives like?

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