Post 8 Domme at Play



Domme milking her bitch (ruined orgasm) to reduce horniness.











 Guess which one has to obey?






Dommes amusing themselves . .



 filling their bitch’s bellies!



Don’t move  . . .  and keep that mouth of yours open

More domination . . .


                 Bitches servicing their Domme’s Asses



                 How’s it taste?






Shhh, I own you . . so I can piss on you.




Cage Time  – to train Domme’s preferred behaviors into her bitch.


Domme’s bitch enjoying the whip and her pussy


s/Hubby  =  Two Hole Bitch.

And both holes are Domme’s property !


More . .

          Don’t let him up till his balls are empty


Showing her bitch what that hole is for.





























Orgasm Control/Domination



Below Domme is milking her bitch.  The orgasm is unsatisfactory so the bitch is left horney.  In the video when she senses he is close she starts yelling at him (treating him like a bitch) telling him to empty his balls.  He obeys and cums for her amusement.  The bitch has no say on when he is milked.  She owns him and thus owns his orgasm.  She, and only she, decides when his balls are to be emptied and how often.


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