Post 9 Musings

10/22/2017   Domme or Bitch ?

I can’t say she has shown strong interest in daily D/s play.  Maybe she would be better off as the submissive?  She will have to get on her knees, pull her tits out, and suck cock a few times a week – with no excuses about being too tired.  Also, she’ll have to swallow and  keep cum in her belly; I’ll give her a tums to chew afterwards.    I found the following illustrations humerus and instructive of my wife’s future:



10/2/2017   Rule 1:  Show Respect (kiss her asshole) to begin sex.

Yesterday Domme made her first Rule.  I must kiss her asshole when she comes to bed and clicks her fingers while pointing to her ass.  Thereafter, I am expected to show respect and do it; possibly followed by a short massage.

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