Post 9 Musings

02/10/2018  Keyholder’s Night Out  (4 Parts)

Domme takes a bath before dinner and then comes to the kitchen.

I.  Ass worship

She looks at her s/Hubby, clicks her fingers, and points to her asshole.   S/Hubby gets on his knees exposes her asshole, and kisses it.  Domme then says, “taste it!”  Her bitch’s slowly licks her asshole – filling his mouth with the taste of her ass.  They leave for dinner with Domme not allowing her bitch to rinse or drink.


II.  Tease

While driving Domme puts her hand on the back of s/Hubby’s neck to assert dominance and tease him.

She asks:               “When do you taste my ass?”

s/Hubby replies:     “When you tell me to”

Domme smiles, she can put the ‘taste of her ass’ in his mouth at any moment, whenever she wants.  She will then make him keep that taste in his mouth for as long as she wants to tease and control him –  all for her amusement.


III.  Bedroom

When they get home Domme cums in one of her three favorite ways (before making her bitch empty his balls on her command):

1) s/Hubby eats her pussy to orgasm,

2) they 69 with her bitch’s nose on her asshole as she cums in his mouth, or

3) with him inside her and playing with her tits while she cums around his cock.


IV.  Cleanup & Dominance

When her pussy finishes dripping cum she asserts her dominance and whispers, “cleanup.”  While her bitch collects the residue of their cum from her hole she says with dominance, “let me hear you swallow it.”

Finally, Domme reminds her bitch, “don’t forget my asshole.”  She then grabs her tits and moans while her bitch licks her asshole clean; ending with a kiss.  She then rubs her bitch’s belly to remind him that when Domme is done fucking her bitch is gonna swallow the cum – no exceptions!!



02/07/2018   Real Wives (and their bitches)



1/06/2017   Keyholder

Wifey seems to have settled on staying Domme (see below).  Maybe she discovered “cum” is what a Domme makes her bitch swallow.  And so she would rather make her s/Hubby do the cleanup.  And lately, she has been asking to be a Keyholder.  Hmm, controlling his cock and making s/Hubby submit to her holes, clean or dirty, is a big turn for a Domme and now it may be for Wifey.  So, I am getting her a necklace with a cute little key.  I think she will grow into it over time.



12/23/2017   Confused Domme may become a subby

Wifey has been going back and forth on who should be submissive.  In D/s play Domme either dominates or the play turns against her and she becomes the submissive.  My submissive  s/Wifey  will have to get on her knees, pull her tits out, and suck cock when told.  She’ll have to obey, show submission, and sleep with the cum in her belly!   I found the following illustrations humorous and instructive of her future:



10/2/2017   Rule 1:  Show Respect (kiss her asshole).

Yesterday Domme made her first Rule.  When she comes to bed and clicks her fingers while pointing . . .  I am expected to show respect and kiss her asshole.

Of course she doesn’t demand this, so her rules don’t mean much right now. However , things may change when she chooses to be a Keyholder and actually enjoys making me submit to her.


Post 8 Domme at Play



Domme milking her bitch (ruined orgasm) to reduce horniness.











 Guess which one has to obey?






Dommes amusing themselves . .



 filling their bitch’s bellies!



Don’t move  . . .  and keep that mouth of yours open

More domination . . .


                 Bitches servicing their Domme’s Asses



                 How’s it taste?






Shhh, I own you . . so I can piss on you.




Cage Time  – to train Domme’s preferred behaviors into her bitch.


Domme’s bitch enjoying the whip and her pussy


s/Hubby  =  Two Hole Bitch.

And both holes are Domme’s property !


More . .

          Don’t let him up till his balls are empty


Showing her bitch what that hole is for.





























Orgasm Control/Domination



Below Domme is milking her bitch.  The orgasm is unsatisfactory so the bitch is left horney.  In the video when she senses he is close she starts yelling at him (treating him like a bitch) telling him to empty his balls.  He obeys and cums for her amusement.  The bitch has no say on when he is milked.  She owns him and thus owns his orgasm.  She, and only she, decides when his balls are to be emptied and how often.


Post 7 Cleanup (kind of )

D/s Wives

Studies have shown that in marriages where one partner is dominate they have a higher rate of satisfaction and significantly less strife.  When both partners are equal there is always the opportunity for an impasse with no easy way to settle it, and so tensions will prevail.  With a dominant partner, they can discuss things as a couple, but both partners know the dominant partner gets the final say.  These studies bode well for a D/s marriage.

I have read that wives who engage in D/s play come to enjoy expressing their dominate side.  No surprise there.  It turns out the wives like their new position.  D/s becomes a part of the marriage, not just the bedroom.  The wives like being greeted at the door with a glass of wine, having their feet rubbed, having their husband seek approval on decisions, and they like having the final say.

One surprising fact is that 53% of all wives want their husbands to openly acknowledge to them that they are the head of the household.  Well, 100% of all D/s wives can just make him say it; and if she prefers, while on his knees after kissing her asshole just to make a point!

My wife is dominate but hasn’t yet acknowledged it to herself.  For our whole marriage we disagreed on things and any impasse could go on for a long time.  We went back and forth on living room furniture for over a year.  This is not the sign of a submissive.  She clearly has a very strong will.  As a result we tended to have resentments and lack intimacy.  I want a closer relationship with my wife.  I want a sexual relationship that is special to us.  I like thinking of her during the day. With D/s who knows where things will go.  Maybe she’ll like it and maybe she won’t.  We can discuss things but as Domme she will have the final say; including the decision on living a D/s marriage.


Our own D/s Power Exchange

In a D/s power exchange the wife gets the power.   However, a Domme is obligated to be attuned to her s/Hubby and his needs.  After all she loves him.

In our marriage I want a stronger connection that includes sexual energy outside of the bedroom.  I want her to tease and dominate me sexually during the day in addition to our normal interactions.  She can do simple things like: making me kiss her pussy to show respect, or put me on my knees to smell her scent while she watches tv, or at random ask me dominating questions (eg. When do you kiss my ass?), or scent mark me, or wear the cock cage with only a shirt for her viewing pleasure, etc., all to tease me and keep the sexual energy present.  How much teasing is Domme’s decision.  But she can use her pussy and ass outside the bedroom as much as she does within, just more subtly.  And occasionally without subtlety.

Before going to dinner I would love her to reproduce the scene to the left.  If she regularly enjoyed that type of tease there would be a strong sexual energy throughout any dinner, throughout the night, and throughout our marriage.  Within our D/s marriage I’d be happy to submit to her, accept her guidance and her will.  In return, she’d enjoy teasing and dominating her s/Hubby daily; fulfilling his craving for her sexual energy.  At which point we’d both know that I’m hers, or in D/s terminology, Domme’s property.






Making s/Hubby cleanup the mess is a classic part of D/s.  It is commonly ordered by wives who have taken up D/s play.  It is about real domination.

After orgasm neither partner has strong sexual urges and the husband loses the desire to cleanup.   But the wives like their new dominant position.  The Domme wife likes dominating him and wants him to be obedient to her.  So she impresses upon her husband that D/s doesn’t stop with orgasm.

The day my wife decides we are going to enjoy a D/s marriage, the day she decides to be my Domme, is the day I would expect her to order me to cleanup. Cleanup really must be enforced.  If being Domme is real then the domination must be real. I would never cleanup on my own.  She has to order me to do it; she must make me submit to her. Cleanup isn’t to satisfy the husband, but instead, it’s to satisfy her and her position – as His Domme.



With all of that said I know I am too chicken to do it.  On one or two occasions she said to clean up and I pretended not to hear her.  I admit it, I’m weak.  I talk a good game, fantasize, but I need firm encouragement from Domme.  Also, a small compromise on the final cleaning might be in order – see below.




Cleanup (kind of)

So, since I am otherwise submissive to her, when she orders me to cleanup I think she’ll be O.K. with the following final cleanup of our cum:

Before I finish I’ll put a towel under her bottom so cum can run out on the towel.  Then when she orders me to ‘cleanup’ I’ll submit and finish cleaning her with my tongue.

I’ll take the towel with me to the bathroom when I go to gargle.  Meanwhile, she can relax on a clean bed, with a clean pussy, while she waits for her obedient s/Hubby to lay back down next to her.  It may even amuse her to watch her bitch have to gargle.

However, in the end she has the final say, and if instead she wants every drop in her bitch’s belly and orders me to “swallow it,”  I will obey her.




Cleanup Enforced by a Firm Domme


Post 6 Lazy Domme

Forced Self Pleasure

I never would have thought it, but the majority of wives surveyed said they enjoyed the thought of watching their husbands masturbate for them.  Of course, it is also a part of D/s play.  The difference is that the wife is fully clothed and s/Hubby is naked on his knees before her.  This makes for quite a power exchange.


Lazy Domme

Hmm . . . I fear that my Domme is sexually lazy.  I don’t want to cum alone.  I could see her using this during the week to not have sex.  She’ll tell me to get on my knees and pleasure myself for her – just so I won’t be a bother.  Here’s the rub, she can make me do it for any reason she wants.   Her bitch has no say.  In D/s play he is there for her pleasure and must obey.  Domme makes the rules.



Forcing Self Pleasuring is classic D/s play.  The reason being is most people have never masturbated in front of their partner.  It’s humiliating.  If you add in she’s dressed and s/Hubby is naked on his knees before her, then it is even more humiliating.  It makes her husband very vulnerable to her.  There is a huge power exchange going on.  Also, because he must do it any time of the day on her command it will greatly reinforce the fact that he is her bitch.  So this could be quite fun for Domme.  It can be used as a form of discipline (See Post 5) to train him.  In the video the red haired slave is made to put hear hands on her head afterwards to expose her swollen genitals to her Dom for his viewing pleasure, an added humiliation – nice touch.

In the last picture you can see the interest in the blonde’s face as she watches while the slaves are ordered to masturbate for their pleasure.  Hmm, maybe the surveys are right about what wives like?

Post 5 Balls

In the Bedroom

We had a very nice time.  Domme was happy and confident.  By the time I had finished sucking her clit she was quite aggressive.  She wanted her bitch’s balls.  She demanded I bring my balls over to her so she could bite them.  I was not used to such confidence and seductive sexual aggression; it was exhilarating to feel it.  I couldn’t be happier that she was in control.  But now I was a little scared.  How hard was she going to bite them?  I now had to submit to her will with no questions asked – so I obeyed.  I put my balls in her mouth and closed my eyes.  She was great, a little rough with them, very dominate, but happy and sucking on them with the occasional hard squeeze to make her bitch moan out-loud for her. She finished by cumming with a 69.  Then as I spread her legs, this time with no resistance, I heard her say, “you’re going to clean up.”

She said it partly as a question,  but also as an acknowledgment of her s/Hubby’s submission to her.  I licked her hole and swallowed her cum, every drop.  She was so great, I was happy to sleep with her cum in my belly.



From what I have read there is a difference between discipline and punishment.  Discipline is part of the D/s play.  It is used regularly to establish dominance by a Domme while at the same time encouraging submissive feelings in s/Hubby towards his Domme.  It is used in one form or another to encourage domination and submission by the players (D/s).  Funny thing is, they say it starts out more as  -fantasy than reality-  but over time repetition changes it more to -reality than fantasy-  hmm?

If you look you’ll see a smirk on the housewife’s face down below.  She is showing off her her bitch’s ass as well as her handiwork.  She enjoyed it.  She used her bitch’s ass for discipline (not punishment).  If you count the strokes it was only 15-20.  It looks worse because she used a crop instead of a paddle.  s/Hubby willing submitted to her discipline and I can guarantee he’ll have strong feelings of submission towards her for days.  And for the immediate next day or two, every single time he sits.


Of course discipline can take many forms, not just physical and not just paddling.  For example Domme may want to encourage a future behavior and cage her bitch’s cock till he submits.  It is interesting what couples have come up with.  They use Clothed Female Naked Male play.  Cloths have power.  Domme while fully dressed is in a more powerful position than her s/Hubby who she ordered to be naked from the waist down or to walk around completely naked for her amusement.  The power here is not physical but humiliation.  She made him vulnerable and he has to obey.

She can add to this Cage Play.  Now she is also controlling his cock and his mind.  He can’t get hard, the cage won’t let him.  Guys think of sex often at any time during the day.  They don’t even realize it.  They get hard, their thoughts move on, and they are soft again.  Now s/Hubby cant’ get hard and if he does he becomes uncomfortable  –  so he’ll immediately catch his thoughts and change them, which can be frustrating.   This is a powerful tool. Domme may want to encourage a future behavior and cage her bitch’s cock till he submits.  For example, every evening for a week she may make him greet her at the door, kiss her, and then order him to put his cage on and give her the key.  As added discipline she may include the humiliation of not letting him where clothes from the waste down, maybe make him sit on a towel and keep the cage visible for her viewing amusement.



Cum on the Count of Eight

When we finished last time I was supposed to cum on the count of eight.  But I didn’t make it.  She got me sooo . . horny and then counted slow.  I couldn’t make it.  I came by the count of six or seven.  No worry, I didn’t think Domme paid attention.  But then she mentioned I didn’t make it.   Needless to say I was surprised that she was keeping track.  Her keeping track made me a little nervous.  If she wanted to she could have disciplined me, made me cleanup, or threatened cage time, for failing to obey her command.  In the future, as her confidence grows, I know it will amuse her to make me pay for cumming early/late.  That is part of the fun of D/s.  The larger point is that Discipline is fun for both dominant and submissive; as well as being useful for modifying  s/Hubby’s behavior.




Punishment is not play, nor fun for s/Hubby.  When punishing, the sexual component is removed; thus the cartoon on the left.  The most scary thing is that surveys have shown that most wives (including vanilla marriages) want to be able to punish their husbands.   Uh oh . . D/s wives have a huge unfair advantage over vanilla wives!

One survey in particular showed that over 85%  of wives wanted to be able to punish there husbands.  Who said wives aren’t naturally dominate?  Scary!  The form of punishment by the majority of wives is usually non-violent. Luckily for me Domme is usually one of these so s/Hubby’s ass is safe 🙂

Nonetheless, I must say the picture on the right is very powerful to me.  His submission, and her power, can be felt.  Just looking at that picture one can feel what is about to happen.  It’s definitely a turn on.


Non-violent Punishment

So for us, on the rare occasion when Domme decides to punish me, she will probably use a form of discipline (from above) but with more intensity.  Of course who knows what else she may think of?  Evening Cage Time may be her go-to tool.

Finally, Ass Cleaning Punishment is commonly used in D/s to really put s/Hubby in his place.  Instead of D/s play where s/Hubby licks her ass after she has had a bath –  now she has not had a bath and she is dirty and s/Hubby is not going to want to do it.  The sexual component is gone.  The power at work here is humiliation.  It is best served up hot while Domme is still mad.


As an example, imagine s/Hubby starts pushing Domme’s buttons.  Domme who has become physically angry has had enough and decides to shut her bitch’s pie-hole.  She stands up and begins to unbutton her pants while telling her bitch, “get on your fucking knees.”  She kneels on the couch backwards and makes him clean her ass. In the end she has the emotional release of having shut her bitch’s mouth while putting him in his place.  Her bitch on the other hand is left: well punished (humiliated), on his knees, and with the taste of ass in his mouth – lesson learned !   To finish she can add an exclamation point and make him ‘thank her’ before telling him to go gargle.

Post 4 Limits

In the Bedroom

I came to bed naked and waited by Domme’s side.  I was there for her pleasure and she would decides when to take me. She was very sweet, put her leg on top of me, rubbed my skin gently, and then asked me for a massage and I obliged. She then asked to see my cock and started to suck it. She gave my balls a good squeeze while giving me head just to let me know she was Domme. After going down on her she had us 69. I forgot my vow to wait unless commanded to rub my nose on her asshole. Nonetheless, it must have made her feel dominate because see immediately took control and slapped her bitch’s ass while digging her nails into both cheeks.  When she came her asshole was still pushed against my nose while her clit pulsated in my mouth  . . . very dominate !     It was not practical to wash because of the room we were in. So her bitch would have to wear her scent until she was done with lovemaking; which may have amused her.  I must admit her scent kept me thinking only of her (and not me) even while cumming.  It has a powerful effect.

Before finishing I went down and cleaned up; licking the cum from her hole while she relaxed.  Finally, we finished with her face down, ass up.  When Domme was ready to enjoy my orgasm she ordered me to empty my balls on her command; having me cum on the count of seven – I obeyed.    Hmm . .  Domme owns her bitch’s balls and his orgasm!  He cums when it amuses her; her bitch has no say.


We had dinner at a restaurant and saw another couple with their mother-in-law. There also was another younger couple there and the girl was wearing a necklace with a key. I wonder if she was a Domme? Her and her husband looked happy, and she was the dominate one.  I bet she makes him do unspeakable things 🙂    Nonetheless, this got me to thinking I would never want others to know of our private D/s marriage. It wouldn’t hurt to put up a page on limits, which I added today.

Post 3 s/Hubby 1 -vs- Domme 0

In the Bedroom

We had fun. I massaged her again and she enjoyed it. She had me suck and lick her clit which I was honored to do. She had us finish with a 69 and a strong orgasm that ended with her clit pulsating in my mouth. She cum’s harder when she feels my nose on her asshole. I’d like her to feel comfortable ordering me to do it; it is very dominate to make me accept her scent. In the future I’ll wait until she orders me to do it  . .  then enjoy the feeling of her dominance while she enjoys amusing herself by making me rub my nose on her asshole. I think she will.  She likes it, her orgasms are more intense, and this is a perfect opportunity to practice giving orders as Domme.

Thereafter, I started fucking her and she asked if I wanted to finish with her face down. She got lost in the moment and let me fuck her face down and ass in the air. Only after I shot my load did she remember that she was Domme and that she forgot to make me cum on her orders.

Sometimes Domme wins . .  and sometimes s/Hubby wins 🙂



Out of the Bedroom

Domme seems open to the pussy kissing ritual. This ritual contains that little sexual spark that lets us have a sexual connection outside of the bedroom, not just in the bed.  I want to be closer with her, hopefully with time she’ll begin to feel the same way.  It is nice to note that that each time I kissed her pussy she watched and smiled as I did it.  She turns me on so much that just having me kiss her ass makes my dick hard.  As for which words to say it doesn’t matter as long as she is ordering her s/Hubby to do it. Whatever words come to mind, like: Show Respect, Show Submission, or just  – Submit.


Final Note: Scent Training

Part of the fun of D/s is for the Domme to amuse herself by physically dominating her willing bitch.  In the two pictures both Domme’s are scent training their bitches.  However, the Domme in the upper picture is also marking her bitch on the nose.   He’ll have to know Domme’s scent until she allows him to wash; maybe not till after love making, or even after dinner;  whatever amuses her.

Post 2 Rituals

Last Night
I am very proud of my wife, from going forward she is my Domme. After reading Post 1 she was very sweet and loving. She asked for a massage and I obeyed. Normally I would never give a massage at night. She talked dirty to me (which I like) and was dominating in her topics.   I love her ♥


I have a little learning to do yet. The first time she asked me to empty my balls I did not want to end it as I was having too much fun. Eventually she told me to empty them again and I complied. I have to learn to listen to her and obey. She owns my balls.  Next time she tells me to empty my balls I will obey. She’s Domme, she decides when I cum, not me !



Daily Greetings (Respect Ritual)

The following morning Domme was in a hurry to get to work and I pestered her about the Respect Ritual. She wasn’t completely clean and was uncomfortable. So I think we should just keep it very simple.

  • I’ll kiss her pussy only.  Over whatever she is wearing.
  • It will only be part of the morning/return home greeting.
  • We’ll kiss  .  .  and then she’ll follow up with two words, “Show Respect”.
  • Thereafter, she’ll smile while she watches me kiss her pussy in submission.


Why have the Ritual

It acknowledges daily that she is my Domme. There is clearly a dominate element because she is giving me a soft order to show respect (which I like), and a submissive sexual element because I am showing submission to her pussy. For me, doing this ritual creates a sensual and lasting connection with her. And over time I think she’ll enjoy the feeling of being Domme and watching me submit to her pussy. I hope she continues it. In the end it is up to her.


Note:  I couldn’t help but notice that in the second photo Domme decided to cage her bitch so he could only focus on her clit, her pleasure, and her orgasm.  Hmmm  . . maybe  s/Hubby wasn’t’ listening to her commands and needed a little obedience training?

Post 1 D/s Marriage


Vanilla Marriage

As with a lot of marriages ours has become ‘sexually vanilla’ and a bit cold over the years.  We lack passion in our relationship. Being intimate for a few minutes once or twice a week with nothing else leaves us unconnected. She works a lot and that too can kill intimacy, but it doesn’t have to. We need something that helps us maintain a connection throughout the day, even though we’re apart for most of it.

To that end a D/s relationship with daily encounters, however short, can be intimate and sexual and thus reinforce the intimate connection between us while at the same time being fun.  It is the psychological and emotional connection that is important.  Several times a day we can interact with a sexual component, a little sparkle, that says I’m enjoying you and later this week we’ll consummate that feeling.




Why D/s?

So why D/s?  For one thing Domination /submission will increase the intensity of our relationship. It is easy and fun; and most importantly takes minimal effort on her part.  Most importantly, from the moment Wifey becomes Domme she has 100% say over what we do; no more pressure from s/Hubby.  She’ll be boss, free to try out her fantasies, and make me do unspeakable things. In return, I will enjoy being the object of her desires.  And the fact that her desires are now dominant and twisted should make for interesting passion.   I love my wife and would enjoy serving her.   So why not let me?




Respect Ritual

This blog is more about my thoughts on our D/s interactions, on fulfilling her desires.  From the moment Wifey declares she is my Domme I no longer have a say on our activities.  I’ll merely be writing on my feeling and thoughts on Domme’s choices in this blog; but just this one time let me suggest a daily ritual to kick things off. A quick intimate moment where we enjoy this D/s power play at a few key points of the day:

  • mornings,
  • evenings when she comes home, and
  • before going to bed

At these times of the day Domme requires a showing of respect by making me kiss it. And “It” can be:

  • her feet,
  • her pussy,
  • her ass, or
  • her asshole (after every bath).

For her part this ritual only requires that she Make the Command. She can then smile and enjoy my act of sexual submission to her – with no more effort on her part. So, Wifey must ask herself:  Does she enjoy being Domme?  Does she like the thought of making s/Hubby ‘do it’ when she gives a sexually dominate command?  Will she officially say and declare that: From this moment forward I am your Domme and you will obey me!

From this day forward it is up to her 🙂