Post 9 Musings

02/10/2018  Keyholder’s Night Out  (4 Parts)

Domme takes a bath before dinner and then comes to the kitchen.

I.  Ass worship

She looks at her s/Hubby, clicks her fingers, and points to her asshole.   S/Hubby gets on his knees exposes her asshole, and kisses it.  Domme then says, “taste it!”  Her bitch’s slowly licks her asshole – filling his mouth with the taste of her ass.  They leave for dinner with Domme not allowing her bitch to rinse or drink.


II.  Tease

While driving Domme puts her hand on the back of s/Hubby’s neck to assert dominance and tease him.

She asks:               “When do you taste my ass?”

s/Hubby replies:     “When you tell me to”

Domme smiles, she can put the ‘taste of her ass’ in his mouth at any moment, whenever she wants.  She will then make him keep that taste in his mouth for as long as she wants to tease and control him –  all for her amusement.


III.  Bedroom

When they get home Domme cums in one of her three favorite ways (before making her bitch empty his balls on her command):

1) s/Hubby eats her pussy to orgasm,

2) they 69 with her bitch’s nose on her asshole as she cums in his mouth, or

3) with him inside her and playing with her tits while she cums around his cock.


IV.  Cleanup & Dominance

When her pussy finishes dripping cum she asserts her dominance and whispers, “cleanup.”  While her bitch collects the residue of their cum from her hole she says with dominance, “let me hear you swallow it.”

Finally, Domme reminds her bitch, “don’t forget my asshole.”  She then grabs her tits and moans while her bitch licks her asshole clean; ending with a kiss.  She then rubs her bitch’s belly to remind him that when Domme is done fucking her bitch is gonna swallow the cum – no exceptions!!



02/07/2018   Real Wives (and their bitches)



1/06/2017   Keyholder

Wifey seems to have settled on staying Domme (see below).  Maybe she discovered “cum” is what a Domme makes her bitch swallow.  And so she would rather make her s/Hubby do the cleanup.  And lately, she has been asking to be a Keyholder.  Hmm, controlling his cock and making s/Hubby submit to her holes, clean or dirty, is a big turn for a Domme and now it may be for Wifey.  So, I am getting her a necklace with a cute little key.  I think she will grow into it over time.



12/23/2017   Confused Domme may become a subby

Wifey has been going back and forth on who should be submissive.  In D/s play Domme either dominates or the play turns against her and she becomes the submissive.  My submissive  s/Wifey  will have to get on her knees, pull her tits out, and suck cock when told.  She’ll have to obey, show submission, and sleep with the cum in her belly!   I found the following illustrations humorous and instructive of her future:



10/2/2017   Rule 1:  Show Respect (kiss her asshole).

Yesterday Domme made her first Rule.  When she comes to bed and clicks her fingers while pointing . . .  I am expected to show respect and kiss her asshole.

Of course she doesn’t demand this, so her rules don’t mean much right now. However , things may change when she chooses to be a Keyholder and actually enjoys making me submit to her.


Post 1 D/s Marriage


Vanilla Marriage

As with a lot of marriages ours has become ‘sexually vanilla’ and a bit cold over the years.  We lack passion in our relationship. Being intimate for a few minutes once or twice a week with nothing else leaves us unconnected. She works a lot and that too can kill intimacy, but it doesn’t have to. We need something that helps us maintain a connection throughout the day, even though we’re apart for most of it.

To that end a D/s relationship with daily encounters, however short, can be intimate and sexual and thus reinforce the intimate connection between us while at the same time being fun.  It is the psychological and emotional connection that is important.  Several times a day we can interact with a sexual component, a little sparkle, that says I’m enjoying you and later this week we’ll consummate that feeling.




Why D/s?

So why D/s?  For one thing Domination /submission will increase the intensity of our relationship. It is easy and fun; and most importantly takes minimal effort on her part.  Most importantly, from the moment Wifey becomes Domme she has 100% say over what we do; no more pressure from s/Hubby.  She’ll be boss, free to try out her fantasies, and make me do unspeakable things. In return, I will enjoy being the object of her desires.  And the fact that her desires are now dominant and twisted should make for interesting passion.   I love my wife and would enjoy serving her.   So why not let me?




Respect Ritual

This blog is more about my thoughts on our D/s interactions, on fulfilling her desires.  From the moment Wifey declares she is my Domme I no longer have a say on our activities.  I’ll merely be writing on my feeling and thoughts on Domme’s choices in this blog; but just this one time let me suggest a daily ritual to kick things off. A quick intimate moment where we enjoy this D/s power play at a few key points of the day:

  • mornings,
  • evenings when she comes home, and
  • before going to bed

At these times of the day Domme requires a showing of respect by making me kiss it. And “It” can be:

  • her feet,
  • her pussy,
  • her ass, or
  • her asshole (after every bath).

For her part this ritual only requires that she Make the Command. She can then smile and enjoy my act of sexual submission to her – with no more effort on her part. So, Wifey must ask herself:  Does she enjoy being Domme?  Does she like the thought of making s/Hubby ‘do it’ when she gives a sexually dominate command?  Will she officially say and declare that: From this moment forward I am your Domme and you will obey me!

From this day forward it is up to her 🙂