Post 5 Balls

In the Bedroom

We had a very nice time.  Domme was happy and confident.  By the time I had finished sucking her clit she was quite aggressive.  She wanted her bitch’s balls.  She demanded I bring my balls over to her so she could bite them.  I was not used to such confidence and seductive sexual aggression; it was exhilarating to feel it.  I couldn’t be happier that she was in control.  But now I was a little scared.  How hard was she going to bite them?  I now had to submit to her will with no questions asked – so I obeyed.  I put my balls in her mouth and closed my eyes.  She was great, a little rough with them, very dominate, but happy and sucking on them with the occasional hard squeeze to make her bitch moan out-loud for her. She finished by cumming with a 69.  Then as I spread her legs, this time with no resistance, I heard her say, “you’re going to clean up.”

She said it partly as a question,  but also as an acknowledgment of her s/Hubby’s submission to her.  I licked her hole and swallowed her cum, every drop.  She was so great, I was happy to sleep with her cum in my belly.



From what I have read there is a difference between discipline and punishment.  Discipline is part of the D/s play.  It is used regularly to establish dominance by a Domme while at the same time encouraging submissive feelings in s/Hubby towards his Domme.  It is used in one form or another to encourage domination and submission by the players (D/s).  Funny thing is, they say it starts out more as  -fantasy than reality-  but over time repetition changes it more to -reality than fantasy-  hmm?

If you look you’ll see a smirk on the housewife’s face down below.  She is showing off her her bitch’s ass as well as her handiwork.  She enjoyed it.  She used her bitch’s ass for discipline (not punishment).  If you count the strokes it was only 15-20.  It looks worse because she used a crop instead of a paddle.  s/Hubby willing submitted to her discipline and I can guarantee he’ll have strong feelings of submission towards her for days.  And for the immediate next day or two, every single time he sits.


Of course discipline can take many forms, not just physical and not just paddling.  For example Domme may want to encourage a future behavior and cage her bitch’s cock till he submits.  It is interesting what couples have come up with.  They use Clothed Female Naked Male play.  Cloths have power.  Domme while fully dressed is in a more powerful position than her s/Hubby who she ordered to be naked from the waist down or to walk around completely naked for her amusement.  The power here is not physical but humiliation.  She made him vulnerable and he has to obey.

She can add to this Cage Play.  Now she is also controlling his cock and his mind.  He can’t get hard, the cage won’t let him.  Guys think of sex often at any time during the day.  They don’t even realize it.  They get hard, their thoughts move on, and they are soft again.  Now s/Hubby cant’ get hard and if he does he becomes uncomfortable  –  so he’ll immediately catch his thoughts and change them, which can be frustrating.   This is a powerful tool. Domme may want to encourage a future behavior and cage her bitch’s cock till he submits.  For example, every evening for a week she may make him greet her at the door, kiss her, and then order him to put his cage on and give her the key.  As added discipline she may include the humiliation of not letting him where clothes from the waste down, maybe make him sit on a towel and keep the cage visible for her viewing amusement.



Cum on the Count of Eight

When we finished last time I was supposed to cum on the count of eight.  But I didn’t make it.  She got me sooo . . horny and then counted slow.  I couldn’t make it.  I came by the count of six or seven.  No worry, I didn’t think Domme paid attention.  But then she mentioned I didn’t make it.   Needless to say I was surprised that she was keeping track.  Her keeping track made me a little nervous.  If she wanted to she could have disciplined me, made me cleanup, or threatened cage time, for failing to obey her command.  In the future, as her confidence grows, I know it will amuse her to make me pay for cumming early/late.  That is part of the fun of D/s.  The larger point is that Discipline is fun for both dominant and submissive; as well as being useful for modifying  s/Hubby’s behavior.




Punishment is not play, nor fun for s/Hubby.  When punishing, the sexual component is removed; thus the cartoon on the left.  The most scary thing is that surveys have shown that most wives (including vanilla marriages) want to be able to punish their husbands.   Uh oh . . D/s wives have a huge unfair advantage over vanilla wives!

One survey in particular showed that over 85%  of wives wanted to be able to punish there husbands.  Who said wives aren’t naturally dominate?  Scary!  The form of punishment by the majority of wives is usually non-violent. Luckily for me Domme is usually one of these so s/Hubby’s ass is safe 🙂

Nonetheless, I must say the picture on the right is very powerful to me.  His submission, and her power, can be felt.  Just looking at that picture one can feel what is about to happen.  It’s definitely a turn on.


Non-violent Punishment

So for us, on the rare occasion when Domme decides to punish me, she will probably use a form of discipline (from above) but with more intensity.  Of course who knows what else she may think of?  Evening Cage Time may be her go-to tool.

Finally, Ass Cleaning Punishment is commonly used in D/s to really put s/Hubby in his place.  Instead of D/s play where s/Hubby licks her ass after she has had a bath –  now she has not had a bath and she is dirty and s/Hubby is not going to want to do it.  The sexual component is gone.  The power at work here is humiliation.  It is best served up hot while Domme is still mad.


As an example, imagine s/Hubby starts pushing Domme’s buttons.  Domme who has become physically angry has had enough and decides to shut her bitch’s pie-hole.  She stands up and begins to unbutton her pants while telling her bitch, “get on your fucking knees.”  She kneels on the couch backwards and makes him clean her ass. In the end she has the emotional release of having shut her bitch’s mouth while putting him in his place.  Her bitch on the other hand is left: well punished (humiliated), on his knees, and with the taste of ass in his mouth – lesson learned !   To finish she can add an exclamation point and make him ‘thank her’ before telling him to go gargle.