Domme has all the power in a D/s marriage. s/Hubby on the other hand is at his Domme’s mercy; he is not about telling her what to do, but instead submitting to her will. Thus this page.


Limit 1   No Other Men

The goal of D/s is to strengthen our monogamous marriage. Other men are out. On the web you’ll see men that are: bisexual, have erection problems, or small dicks, having their wife fuck other men. Humorously, it is often with well hung black men. I am not bisexual, do not have a small dick, and it works fine. Domme being with another man is out and a huge turn-off – thus our 1st limit.


Limit 2   Other Women

As for other women I’m much more opened minded . . . 🙂    I’m a typical guy and would welcome a threesome with another woman (straight or bisexual). But that is not up to me. Only Domme gets to introduce our activities. If she wants to share dominating her s/Hubby with a female friend of hers from time to time I’ll leave it to Domme’s whim.


Limit 3   Our Private World

D/s is our private world. No one else is to know. The only exception is she could wear a necklace with a key but when asked would have to say that she bought it because she liked the way it looked, no other reason.